New unit Vertex "The Nimitzern" on Empires and Allies update on June 2012

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New Unit "The Nimitzern"

  • How the Unit is displayed on your Island:
  • This unit is not Unlock-able a player will receive 1x The Nimitzern.pngThe Nimitzern upon purchase.
  • Can't be purchased multiple times.
  • It comes fully upgraded.
  • It is a Tier 8 unit.
The Nimitzern
The Nimitzern.png
—Image © Zynga
Tier ClassTier 8 Unit
Good againstArtillery Enemy-icon.pngCarrier Enemy-icon.pngAirship Enemy-icon.png
Defense Area3x3
General Costs
Empire PointsEmpire Points-icon.png 1,000 Empire Points
Upgraded Information

Kode [UM71]
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Information for The Nimitzern
The Nimitzern is available by purchasing only one time with Empire Points via a limited time pop up or by the "New Items" screen in the build menu.

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