Top 10 Devils Of Video Games

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Unless you've living under a particularly large rock, you might've noticed that ear-piercing squeal that could be heard around the world a few nights ago. That was the sound of millions of geeks—including myself—who, upon picking up their copy of Diablo III with sweaty hands, emitted a shriek of joy as they lovingly embraced the game they've waited over a decade for. It was a long, painful wait, but the game is finally here. To celebrate, we're counting down the ten most memorable devils in gaming.

Lou (Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock)

I once had a dream I was battling the devil atop a black mountain surrounded by rivers of fire, only this fight wasn't physical, it was musical. Actually, that's a lie, but if I had actually had that dream, it would've more or less come to life in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. I can't think of many games that have you grinding an axe in a duel with the lord of the underworld, but in my opinion that's reason enough for Lou to make the list.

Sydonai (Hellgate: London)

Hellgate: London might've disappointed many fans who were looking forward to what the team behind the Diablo series could do, but it was still stylistically a very impressive game. The gothic look and dark atmosphere were great, but Sydonai really took the cake for me. The boss fight itself was a little too easy, but Sydonai's Cthulu-esque appearance made him infinitely more appealing. Or maybe I'm just a sap for anything Lovecraftian.

Satan (The Binding of Isaac)

I never thought I'd use a word like "adorable" to describe Satan, but that's the first word that comes to mind when I look into his sad beady eyes in the bizarre PC hit The Binding of Isaac. That feeling starts to disappear as soon as he transforms into his second form, best described as a black-blood-tossing gargoyle, and even more so after he turns into massive goat legs and tries to stomp you into the floor.

Mundus (Devil May Cry)

Devil May Cry is an intensely difficult series. You need to be quick on your feet and willing to go through a controller or two during some of the more difficult parts of the game if you're to survive its continuous onslaught of crazy monsters and puzzles. Mundus is one of the more intimidating devils you'll ever come across, but when the fight is over and the dust has cleared, you'll feel like you've truly accomplished something.

Fleming (Shadows of the Damned)

Fleming is an overconfident jerk that spews more cheesy lines than the Duke, but he fits in perfectly with the quirky, humorous, and sadly overlooked world of Shadows of the Damned. He'll incite as much eye-rolling as laughter, but he's also one of the more colorful takes on the devil I've ever seen.

The Darkness (The Darkness series)

The Darkness isn't a conventional take on the devil, but the similarities are certainly there. Even without Mike Patton's brilliant voice work, the Darkness is great because he's your own personal devil. He'll grant you amazing powers—for a price, of course—and he'll make you think you're in control until he violently tears that control away. Jackie learned this the hard way when the Darkness forced him to watch helplessly as his girlfriend was brutally murdered right in front of him.

Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)

Pyramid Head isn't your classic red-skinned, fork tongued, pitchfork-wielding devil, but he is a manifestation of your darkest sins and arguably the most powerful and terrifying thing you'll encounter in Silent Hill's Otherworld. Pyramid Head never speaks a single word, but he doesn't need to. From his rusted metal tetrahedron helmet to his terrifyingly large sword, this is one of the most terrifying devils on the list.

Lucifer (Dante's Inferno)

The Lucifer in Dante's Inferno is more of a classic approach to everyone's favorite ruler of the underworld. He's a personification of the seven deadly sins with his greed for power, his lust for Dante's wife, and his wrathful nature. The team at Visceral Games might not have crafted the most entertaining game, but it's certainly one of the most creative interpretations of Dante Alighieri's epic poem.

Hades (God of War series)

Over the course of the God of War series, Kratos goes to the Underworld an impressive number of times. He somehow manages to hack, slash and climb his way out, only to return in the next game. Outside of being an intensely enjoyable boss fight in God of War III, Hades is one of the more unusual interpretations of the dark god. He's brutish and disgusting, as you'd expect, and his furnace-like helmet and sinister, mock-playful humor make him one of the more interesting gods in the game.

Diablo (Diablo series)

Ah, yes. Whereas a majority of the baddies on this list are unusual, Blizzard has taken a decidedly classic approach with their Diablo. The red skin, fiery eyes, spiked tail, and ram horns are prototypical of what comes to mind when you think of the devil. However, in Diablo III, the devil we've grown familiar with has changed into a more unique and exciting take on the creature. But I'll let you discover that one for yourselves.

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